Cousin Nisha fucked hard

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Hi this is Karthik I am from Coimbatore. This is about my sexual encounter with my cousin nisha. She is 21 and I am 20. I have an athletic body with 7″ penis. Nisha, she is the sex goddess of me. She has lips to die for. Her structure is 32-28-30 with a perfect figure. She has a round face and we used to fight since our childhood but were good friends. I was studying in Coimbatore when this happened.

She was also studying in Coimbatore but in a different college. We used to meet and I always had a fantasy to fuck her. I even tried once or twice to seduce her while sleeping on the same bed at house. But I failed. Once I planned well. It was a weekend and we both were boarders and I called her up and asked her for a movie. She told ok and it was Saturday and we went for the movie.
During the interval, I asked whether she is cumin to ooty with me. She asked for what. I said that I’m jus going for fun alone would u join me. She said ok and it was evening 5 o clock we started on my bike. She was wearing a jean pant which was sandal and a Cheritha tops. I went on the very slowly so that it would get dark which would be easy for me. We started to climb the hills at around 7 and it was totally dark.
we were about to touch ooty, it was just 10 km away and Megala wanted to piss and it was too cold after the long ride she wants to relax. I then slowed down the bike in that forest with no lights visible for eyes. She went into the trees with the rustle and I was already having a hard on seeing her buttocks and the ride with her boobs touching my back with hands around me.
She walked for a distance and called me. She told to stand near her and gave me some dress. Oh shit she just removed her pants and gave it to me. It would get spoiled she told and she just sat like in an Indian toilet facing away from me and urinated. The sound just made me crazy. Her butts were covered by her Cheritha tops. My hard on was at its peak. She got up and pulled up the panty and in the moonlight I just caught the glimpse of her navel and the pubic hair. I just went crazy.
She asked me for the pant and I gave it to her. Due to the urgent piss she just took off her pant just like that and gave me, the pant was inside out and she asked me to make it the normal way and gave it to me. I had an idea and I just left the one leg of the pant in the same way and another was normal. I told her to hold my shoulders and I shall put that on. She said ok and kept both her hands on my shoulders and balanced. She raised her left leg and let it in went she inserted the right leg there was the confusion and she fell on me.
Her boobs jus pressed against my chest and my neck touch her head. My hands were still on the pant. She told me to put correctly. I sat on my one leg and I was making the pant normal fit again and I got a glimpse of her thighs. I put pant on her and pulled it up. Since it was tight jean, it had little struggle with her little butt getting. I pulled the pant up caressing her whole buttocks and all this while she had her hands around my neck with her face near mine.
Her breath was on my neck which was driving me crazy. After putting on the pant, I tapped her butt and laughed at her. She too laughed and I put the button of her pant and I cud feel her warm abdomen. After this, I pissed and we both went to the bike and rode on. But this time she was very much close to me and hugged me very hard pressing her boobs firmly.
After riding for another 15 mines we came to the holiday inn hotel and booked a room and we went to the room directly without having the dinner. Immediately on entering the room she went in the bathroom and I relaxed myself on the sofa with the heater on my side. The room had a nice view. I was watching it and then megala came out of the bathroom and asked me wither we have any dresses for changing. Since we had no idea of the traveling plans we had no bag. We then both want out 2 buy a dress for both of us and inner wear too.
We again came back and I thought having a warm bath. I opened the tub with warm water and came out. She told me to get bath quickly so that she can wash her body. She was sitting on the chair nearby the window and was facing away from me. I went behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders and started to rub them. She was in the mood already and was expecting me to start it. I slowly rubbed her bare neck and her hands and slowly I moved my hands to her boobs.
I rubbed them for a while. I cud feel her areola thru her Cheritha and I cupped her boobs. She started to moan at this point and got up from the chair. She dint turn and walked backwards towards me and made her cute little buttocks rub my cock. I held waist and started kissing her neck and shoulders. I started to unzip her tops and I kissed her cheeks meanwhile her hand touched my cock and started to stroke on the pant.
She turned very slowly n she was standing on her toes and kissed my lips. I too started kissing her a trencher and her saliva was so sweet. I started to remove her Cheritha tops and I was kissing her. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the kiss. Her lips war so sweet and turned me on totally. My precum came up to my pants. I took off her chudithar tops fully and she standing with her bra and the jean.
She untied her hair and shook her head. Wow! She is a sex goddess. She now climbed on me with her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck and started to kiss me. I was totally mad and kissed her furiously. I pulled her waist to mine and rubbed my erection on her cunt and she was moaning superbly which mainly turned me on. I cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. She was moaning literally and chewing my tongues.
She stood on her legs and I removed her pants. She was removing my dress and I was in underwear. She was in her lingerie and I carried her to the bed kissing her furiously. I laid her on the bed and started kissing her whole body. I started it with the legs and slowly moved to her thighs licking and kissing her side blow her waist. I then came to her stomach and kissed her navel and licked it clean. All this time her hands were busy rubbing her clitoris on the panty.
Next stop for me was the boobs. I squeezed them and chewed them. Now I took of the bra. I started to play with her nipples. She was on her peak, now she was held in my head with her hands and I was sucking her nipples. I crushed her boobs and I again moved on to the lips and started to kiss her. I went in between her legs and I rubbed my erect cock on her cunt, she was literally crying. I cud see her eyes watered. She told me that it was her 1st time and what difference it was my 1st time too.
Now I went to her bottom and made her to lie on her stomach. I started to squeeze her butt and took off her panty. The panty was totally wet. I parted her ass and started to lick. The smell of her ass was horny and making me to go for it. But I want more pleasure on my first session, so I inserted my tongue into her asshole and went for licking. She was moaning mean while and her cute ass was making me horny. After some 15 mines of ass licking, I came to her vagina. The vagina was cleanly shaven and with some hair on it.
I slowly moved my tongue over her vaginal line and I chewed her clitoris. She was moaning loudly and having my hands on her boobs, hers was on my head pushing it towards her vagina. I was sucking them for about half an hour and she came into my mouth. I drank her cum wholly. She relaxed and I was a sex psychopath. I now entered her cunt and it was thick and impenetrable. I forced my cock into her vagina n the hymen broke.
There was a cry from her mouth and she was pushing me away. But I cunts resist and trusted for the second time and she cried even more and I was enjoying her pain and I licked her tears. There was blood dripping from her vagina. The 3rd thrust made her to cry but not too much and the 4th, 5th went in smoothly and she started to enjoy it. She raised her legs and leg locked me with her legs and hugged me hard. I too hugged her and banged her sweet vagina for at least 15 mines before I came into her forcibly and overflowing her vagina.
I relaxed on her, she hugged me very hard and moaned who, I got a very hot semen. I now started to kiss her hands, cheeks, waist and legs. She now made me to lie and started to stroke my slender cock and it was ready for the next round in no time. She went to doggy position and showed her parted ass cheeks. I slowly inserted my cock into her vagina and kneeling beside and started to bang her hard grabbing her ass.
I could lift her whole by grabbing her legs on the shin and lifted her. She turned towards me and leg locked me again having her hands around my neck, she started to jump up and down on my cock. She was so perfect and I was enjoying her. Her boobs were dancing and I was chewing her nipple with my lips. After some 15 mines, of jumping she told me to lie down. I laid and she came on top. She started to move her buttocks up and down with my cock going and out of her vagina.
She was doing this for 30 mines and finally we both came at the same time. I ejaculated into her hole and she slept lying on me. It was half past midnight and I wake up, my girl was sleeping on top of me hugging me hard and I got up and went to piss. I came back and she was facing away from me and her butt was so cute. I placed my head on her little ass and I slept hugging her thighs and smelling her ass and cunt.


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