Punjabi Chudai

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Disha was a gorgeous gal of 1st year in collage just living next to my
house, she was fair as milk, quite tall with juicy lips, boobs and thighs.
One day disha came to my house at around 10.30 am, at that time no one was
in the house as all had gone off to office and were not expected by 6.30
pm. It was my off day.. She came dressed in her usual jeans & shirt that
had buttons in the front, and was looking quite pretty as usual. So that
day i was feeling quite hot and was despo for sex.. She came and stood
before me as i was sitting on my bed and after some casual talking she
asked "can you spare me some money???
"how much" i asked
"500/-.as i want to go to picnic being arranged by collage along with my
friends" she said.
"see disha you know i am about to get married, but am still a virgin so i
want to experience sex before i get married, and as i like you, so i wish
to have it with you as you are a virgin too. This will be a new experience
for you too, but don't worry for no one out will come to know about this.
Moreover i'll use condom so you'll be safe too." I said.
"if u agree then i'll pay u 700/- in place of 500/-"i added.
She said nothing just stood still and calm before me. I thought of taking
a chance and placed my hands on her waist which she didn't resist, so i
became more brave and pulled her towards me. Now she was stood just few
inches from me now i locked my legs behind her legs and kept my hands on
her waist only. Now i kept my left hand on her waist and started to move
my right hand over her body starting from her ass slowly moved it upward.
She kept looking at me with a serious look in her eyes. I let my hand
wander from her back and brought it in front and placed it lightly on her
left boob over her clothes. She now shuddered and gasped slightly. I kept
my hand on her boob and pressed it lightly, now she closed her eyes and
opened her mouth as if moaning. Her hands were till now by her side. Now
it was high time and i planned to nude her and open her shirt so i asked
isha does these buttons open ur shirt"
"yesssss…" was all she cloud reply in her low husky voice. Now i freed my
hands and took her hands on mine and placed them on my shoulder, now i
reached for the buttons on her shirt and started to unbutton one by one,
she clutched at my t-shirt on my shoulder and dug her pretty nails. Now
her shirt was fully open and i could see her small boobs encased in a
black bra. I let her hands fall from my shoulder and slid her shirt off
her shoulder and let it fall on the ground. She let out a deep sigh. Now i
let my hands play on her bare belly and back and play around, she moaned
and placed her hands on my shoulder all by herself now as i reached for
her bra hook behind her back and unclasped it. She let out a moan again as
her bra straps came free. Now i reached for her straps and slid it off her
shoulder and again let it fall on the ground as it joined her shirt
Now it left her cute boobs and nipples un-guarded against my drooling lips
and tongue
I decided to go for her nipples first and taste them. So now i pulled her
closer and as i placed my right hand on her left boob and feel it harden,
i let my tongue go crazy on her right nipple and lick it slowly at first,
the mere touch of my tongue on her nipple made her moan loudly and she
just grasped at my hairs with her hand and now i started to suck and bite
her nipples as i squeezed her other boob painfully with my hard hand. Then
i switched my position of my hand and mouth as i shifted my mouth to the
other nipple and boob and started the same sucking and biting and licking
her tits. She now went crazy as she pressed my head on her breast and
cried "plzz dontttttttt stopppp mmmmm ohhhhh." She threw up her head as i
went on sucking at her now hard tits. When i left her boobs to denude her
more i saw that her tits were red and glistening with the saliva from my
mouth and had my teeth marks on them.
Then i shifted my attention to her jeans and un-buttoned it and then
un-zipped it and let it slid on her floor to join her other clothes
leaving her silky and milky legs bare for me to cherish upon. Now i stood
up and picked her up and placed her lightly down on the bed and made her
lie down fully on the bed, she was now just dressed in her panty and had
her slim payals (anklets) on her bare legs. She kept looking at me with
serious eyes. I decided to feast myself on her sexy legs and i also got on
the bed and placed my now hot lips on her legs, she cluched on to the bed
sheet as i kissed her toes and slowly moved up her legs kissing and
licking her legs, now she grabbed the iron rod on the bed and arched up as
her tits elated a feast for a hungry lips i went on kissing licking and
biting her hot thighs, she moaned huskily from time to time. Now it was
the time to explore her hidden treasure so i slowly slid off her panty off
her waist and down her silky legs and threw it among her other clothes.
I now spread her pretty slim legs and went down between to taste her clit,
i slowly parted the bush of hairs and placed my lips on the hole, she just
went crazy and tightened her thighs around my head, now i slowly parted
the lips of her cunt and shoved my tongue inside and started to lick and
suck her clit, she went mad and cried out loud "ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmm.
Godddddddddd." Now i was licking at her clit in abandon and she reached
for my hairs and pushed down my head further down her cunt as she placed
her hot thighs on my shoulder i grabbed at her waist to keep her steady as
she was thrashing wildly on the bed and gasping as she came in my mouth
and her liquid flew from her cunt. I lifted my self from between her legs
and stood up on the bed to open my clothes, as i opened my clothes i saw
her looking at me with glazed eyes after her first ever orgasm. I became
nude with my cock erect and rock hard.
I took a condom unwrapped it over my hot rod and again went down over her
to feast on her nipples once again. After much sucking at her tits and she
grasping for my hairs i decided to taste her lips as they looked wet and
lovely so i went over her lips and placed mine over hers, they were warm
and soft, i took her lower lips in mine and sucked and lick her lips till
she started to respond and open her mouth, once open i slid in my tongue
and sucked her tongue as she sucked on to mine. I let my tongue lick her
lips, her nape as my hands played on her cheeks and her silky mane as she
gasped for air now and then as my lips sealed hers and lick and bit her
neck and then i placed my lips on her naked shoulder and kissed her silky
shoulder and bit it as she embraced me around my neck as she licked and
bit on my earlobes moaning and crooning. I told her "disha now is the time
that i turn you to a real woman."
I spread her legs and went between them as she looked seriously. As i lay
on top of her she brought her arms around my neck and i adjusted my rod in
front of her cunt hole and i kissed her once on her lips caressed her tits
"disha this will pain a bit, hold on then later you'll enjoy the ride" i
told her as i pushed myself and the rod up her unguarded cunt.
As my half of cock went inside, she bit her lips and moaned loud
"ohhhhhhhhhhh godddddddd noooooooooo plzzzzzzz, i caressed her hairs and i
pulled out till the tip, her cunt clung to my rod, i pulled out just
leaving the tip inside and pushed hard this time, it felt as if i reached
a this membrane, she cried out loudly "noooooooooooooooo" and dug nails at
my back painfully, sweat came on her neck and forehead, i licked her neck
and forehead and cleaned her sweat caressed her boobs and pushed again.
She screamed loud "ohhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddddd pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
donttttttttt" .
I sealed her lips with mine and pulled out my rod and started to fuck her
slowly. She gasped and moaned loud as she scratched my back with her
nails. I slowly got her moving with my rhythm and she just moaned and
started to enjoy it now. She grasped at my hair and as i licked her neck
and bit it and time to time caressed and kissed her nipples, she wrapped
her legs around my back, locking her heels around my back. Now the look on
her face full of lust and the heat of her thighs around my back and the
nails scratches of her sexy nails made me go mad as i started to pump her
hard as she moaned more loudly and thrashed under me but she held on to me
pulling me deeper in her by her arms and legs around me "ohhh mmm more,
faster plssssss" i felt that she was about to come for she now gripped her
legs around my back more tightly and dug her nails in my back more hard,
her payals raised a sexy tinkling sound with each of my stroke. I
whispered in her ear "honey i m about to come are u enjoying" she just
"yesssssss" amidst her gasp and moan and groan. I came in her and fell on
top of her as i pushed my final strokes to milk my cock she came to as she
screamed loudly and arched her back and i set my lips on her tits biting
and sucking at her nipples. Later i withdrew myself kissed her on her lips
and forehead, disposed my condom but she lay on my bed dazed from the wild
sex. She looked so hot that i got erect soon, i again took a condom and
wrapped it around my penis as i started to kiss her again i asked her
"what bout some more". She smiled and said "yes" then i spread her silky
legs and took them up my shoulder, then i kissed them from her toes once
again, licking and kissing, she held on to the side of the beds and moaned
I now pushed my rod up her cunt in a single stroke and she gasped and
moaned and now i rammed her hard and rough she held on the bed as she
moved with my stroke. She locked her heels around my neck, the sexy sound
of her payals now beside my ears turned me on more and more, as i banged
her harder and faster mercilessly…as she moaned louder and louder. Soon we
came again. I fell on top of her kissed her hard on her mouth and sucked
her lips and tongue and nipples. Later we got up washed together and i
paid her the money. Later she got fucked by me many times sometimes for
money and sometimes just like that as she enjoyed being fucked by me as i
loved ramming her


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